About Me

I have been taking photographs for over fifty years, long before having any real sense of purpose, professional or even personal.  I was interested and curious.  I still am.  What stories call out that I can convey through my own peculiar, individual sensibility?

Sometimes I make unexpected discoveries when I look at my photographs.  I see things I had not fully noticed, as if the picture were speaking in a voice I had not completely heard.
I realize then that my unconscious is at play and that it can lend an important element to a picture. I love the paradox: that something so dependent upon having a good eye also uses a kind of “invisible” eye that can expand the meaning and impact of an image.

I look through the viewfinder and locate a singular moment. In an instant, with the clicking of the shutter, that moment transforms into something that may be larger than itself: an image with something important, moving and even shocking to say, an observation or a revelation, a comment to share, a slant upon the world that may influence and compel a viewer towards a deeper understanding.  A story.  At its essence, this is what I try to do each time I pick up a camera, look, and grasp the courage, or even audacity, to see.